Friday Night Lights Episode 5.3, Twitter Party Recap

By May 2nd, 2011

This past Friday was twice the fun in Twitterland because Smart Pop live-tweeted the latest episode of Friday Night Lights not once but twice. Here’s what (and who: in particular A Friday Night Lights Companion contributor Paula Rogers, @paulabot, who live-tweeted with us the second hour) you missed if you couldn’t join us:

Leah kicked off the episode acutely noticing a clip from the opening sequence …

Love that credits shot of Tami in blue on the bleachers & Coach in red on the field: great shorthand of their s4 situation. #FNL

… while I (Jennifer) noticed that Tami sure can make cowboy boots work for her in any situation. I wouldn’t normally consider them to be work attire, but Mrs. Taylor pulls them off, doesn’t she?

Speaking of our guest live-tweeter, Paula’s essay in A Friday Night Lights Companion is about decency in Dillon, especially personal responsibility … so when Coach gives a speech to the team about that very topic after a drunk rally girl video zips around school, it sparked recognition in both Leah and myself.

I wondered about the physical comparison between Tami and said rally girl, too:

The in-trouble rally girl looks an awful lot like a younger version of Tami Taylor. Intentional?(Thoughts?)

Then there is the storyline we all sort of cringed our way through: Julie and the married TA. A few responses to it:

@rb4080 Watching #FNL. I really don’t care about the Julie Taylor plot line.

@jonniker Julie Taylor is trainwrecky in the same way Kim Bauer was on 24, AM I RIGHT?

@paulabot Hmm, Julie’s bad choice with the TA then the scene where Tami just lectured girls on responsibility. Parenting oversight?

@shane_sparks  … the Julie/TA storyline. The show is better than that.

(What do you think of this storyline? And what’s the end goal for it?)

Moving on from the episode’s low-point to the episode’s high-point: the locker room office scene between Vince and Coach. Coach asks Vince to strive to be better after he skipped out on a mandatory football function, and Vince emotionally breaks down because his dad is back on town after being paroled and it’s clearly stirring up all sorts of emotions for him. He was never taught to be a man by his dad and he doesn’t think he can live up to the Coach’s high expectations. Coach Taylor does what he is so gloriously good at: he gets through to Vince in his time of need. He says the line that may go down as the series’ finest: “I said you needed to strive to be better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is … it’s in the trying.” Some emotional reactions to that scene:

@smartpopbooks Best articulation I’ve heard of #FNL’s vision of manhood (& responsible personhood). (LW)

@ponyonabalcony Before, the #FNL movie made me understand how I had to be a boy. Now the #FNL show is teaching me how to be a man.

@pattonoswalt Why don’t Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have charm bracelets made of Emmys?

@smartpopbooks Who’s going to kick-off the #Emmy campaign for @michaelb4jordan?

(Fantastically, that particular tweet was RTed by Michael Jordan himself!)

Some other things from the Twitter Recap!:

@jesserebekah tweeted: “The opening credits sequence for #FridayNightLights makes me a bit homesick for Texas,” which I had to completely agree with even though I still live in Texas. (It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true.)

Smart Pop tweeted that the episode was noticeably missing @staceyoristano (Mindy Riggins) and the lovely Stacey herself told us to tune in next week, then. (We will!)

Finally, this tweet from @DaveSandell sparked some back on forth on season two:

Not a better show on TV right now than Friday Night Lights. Final season. It’s all on Netflix HD. Ignore season 2. Pretend it doesn’t exist.

Now, we can’t disagree that it was the weakest of the five seasons, but it got a couple of us thinking about those few shining moments in the season. Dave mentioned the spot-on shower scene with a drunk Matt Saracen, and I mentioned the scene where Lyla gives Tim the money he needs. Paula loved the scene in Mexico where Jason, Lyla, and Tim are on the boat together, but let’s end today’s recap with this question:

What was your favorite scene from season two?

(And tune in next week for more live-tweeting fun!)

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