On Glee

"You're Having My Baby"

By Claudia Gray

Was there ever any doubt I was going to be a Glee fan? That fate was sealed for me years and years before the show ever aired–back during my own time in high school, which I spent in taffeta and sequins,
perfecting my jazz hands and learning show-choir dance routines to songs like Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration.”

But I have to tell you, Glee nearly lost me a couple months into the first season for one reason alone: the “pregnancy lie” storylines for Terri and Quinn.
I don’t object to pregnancy stories as a general rule; as a die-hard soap opera fan, I’d have to say there are few things I like better than a good “who’s the father?” mystery. And who lies more often than characters
in soap operas? But the way Glee initially handled this made me crazier with rage than Sue Sylvester watching Will Schuester put styling product in his hair.

One funny thing about Glee, though–the show often takes a story,
pushes it past humor to a place that’s borderline uncomfortable, and then finds its way to a graceful, meaningful conclusion. More than once, the series surpassed my expectations by turning an awkward
moment or troubling character trait into a thing of beauty. And
that’s exactly what happened with the pregnancy storylines by the midpoint of the first season.


The Soap-Opera Beginning

When Glee began, we had Will Schuester married to  …

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