On Friday Night Lights

Why We (Mostly) Love . . . Julie Taylor

By Jen Chaney

Every Friday Night Lights fan adores the Taylor family. Who could resist Tami, the compassionate yet firm mother with the open mind and loving heart? Or Eric, the devoted, football-obsessed yet sensitive man of the house? Or even that darling, frequently absent little Gracie Belle Taylor?

And then there’s . . . Julie Taylor.

Don’t get us wrong. We love Julie. We do. It’s just that sometimes, well, we didn’t like her very much. It’s not her fault, really. We blame the affliction that frequently plagued Julie Taylor throughout the course of Friday Night Lights, an affliction known as . . . being a teenage girl.

If you’re the parent of a teenage girl, or the teacher of teenage girls, or if you’ve merely come across a teenage girl while running errands at the local strip mall, you know how they are. They’re smart-mouthed, stubborn little women determined to wear revealing clothes and assert their independence in every maddening way they possibly can. Even if a teenage girl has a mom and a dad as blatantly awesome as Eric and Tami Taylor, she will still accuse them of being totally lame and attempt, as often as possible, to defy them.

Some of us have actually been teenage girls. And it was we, perhaps, who had the hardest time fully supporting Julie. Why? Because watching her every week was like looking in a mirror that reflected our own behavior back then. Those eye rolls. The back talk. That obstinate look that flashed across her face  …

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