On Friday Night Lights

Why We Love (to Hate) . . . Joe McCoy

By Jen Chaney

Almost every character on Friday Night Lights could justifiably be described as a good person. Every character, that is, except for one: Joe McCoy.

Joe McCoy is the ultimate entitled, demanding asshole father. We’re not saying he’s the root of all evil necessarily, but he certainly bears a strong resemblance to it. That’s right: evil wears a button-down shirt, perpetually sports a know-it-all look on its face, has a pseudo-mullet for a haircut, and, occasionally, drives a golf cart.

Oh, and those reading glasses? Joe McCoy didn’t need them to read. He wore them solely to emphasize his ability to look down his nose at other people.

The writers of Friday Night Lights dared to introduce this character in the midst of the U.S. economic recession, at a time when arrogant rich guys seemed even more villainous than usual. And we’re convinced that, as a result, during several episodes from the third and fourth seasons of Friday Night Lights an untold number of TV sets had to be replaced after irate fans put their fists through the screen, just hoping they might connect with Joe McCoy’s chin and finally knock out that smug, wealthy mo-fo once and for all. Of course, the purchase of all those new TVs only helped corporate America. So once again, the rich guys won. Damn you, Joe McCoy. Damn you to hell.

We hated this man so much, in fact, that, by extension, we grew to hate everyone in his family. At first, we felt sorry for J.D., the  …

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