On Friday Night Lights

Why We Love . . . Tim Riggins

By Jen Chaney

Tim Riggins is damn sexy.

Actually, that doesn’t quite do him justice. Let’s try that again.

Tim Riggins is what raw sensuality looks like when it puts on a football jersey and maintains a blood alcohol content well above the legal limit. The tousled hair, the one-night-stand-in-the-bedroom eyes, that devil-may-care twang in his voice: these are the reasons female lust was invented.

Seemingly every woman in Dillon, Texas, with a functioning libido knows this, and Riggins takes full advantage of that fact. Hot high school chicks with stripper sisters, single moms with precocious sons, single bartender moms and their daughters, cheerleaders with strong Christian values–yeah, Riggins has hit all of that. And yet he most frequently returned to Lyla Garrity, that aforementioned responsible cheerleader, for reasons that should be obvious: she was the only girl in Dillon with a mouth as pretty as the one that sits right below Tim Riggins’ pert and equally attractive nose.

But the fact that Billy Riggins’ baby brother is smokin’ hot, while certainly a notable fact, is not the reason we love Tim Riggins.

We love Tim Riggins because he’s a drunken, often homeless fool who occasionally does the right thing. Because he’s impulsive enough to celebrate buying a hydraulic lift at auction by following it up with the unnecessary purchase of a Texas longhorn steer. Because he can wear plaid shirts and cowboy hats and still look like a sex god. And because he is willing to make a major sacrifice for his brother and his newborn nephew,  …

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