On Friday Night Lights

Why We Love . . . Tami Taylor

By Jen Chaney

Working mothers are often told that it’s not possible to have it all, or at least not at the same time. A mom can’t simultaneously raise great kids, be a loving partner to her spouse, and excel in her chosen field–not unless she’s some sort of superwoman.

Meet Superwoman. Her name is Tami Taylor, and every week on Friday Night Lights she conducted a master class in “I don’t know how she does it,” supporting her husband, Eric, at every football game, staying on top of daughter Julie’s whereabouts (a full-time job by itself), and acting as the school guidance counselor (and, for a while, principal) determined to make each student realize every itty bitty ounce of his or her potential.

Sure, sometimes the whereabouts of her younger daughter, Gracie Belle, were decidedly unclear. (Was she at day care? With an unseen army of babysitters?) And sometimes Tami’s behavior fell far short of perfect, as it did when she slapped Julie across the face after dragging her out of The Swede’s front seat, or that time she threatened to have hottie English teacher Noah Barnett fired because of his allegedly inappropriate friendship with Julie. (To be fair regarding the former incident, we can kind of understand why a hormonal, postpartum Tami lost it a little. Like you wouldn’t do the same if your impudent daughter stayed out past 2:00 a.m., then had the audacity to make out in front of your house with an older guy known for being Swedish, even though  …

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