On Friday Night Lights

Why We Love . . . Herc

By Jen Chaney

Herc has no last name. We’ve never heard Jason Street or anyone else refer to it. It’s not listed on imdb.com, or on any Friday Night Lights wiki pages. Basically, the wheelchair-bound smartass and Jason’s two-time roommate is like Prince or Oprah: he’s such a legend, one word is all he needs.

He’s Herc: the guy who got to know his new rehab roommate by sticking his fingers in his scrambled eggs and ogling the female friends who came to visit.

Herc: a dude who can never resist a par-tay.

Herc: a loyal friend to Jason Street who is so incapable of hiding his dislike of Lyla Garrity, he actually booed when he found out Street had gotten back together with her.

Herc: the quad rugby player who knows how to fire up his teammates.

Herc: someone who always tells it like it is, with no words minced and no trace of sugarcoating.

Herc: a disabled man with so much sass, energy, and attitude that he seems anything but disabled.

For his candor, confidence, and, perhaps above all else, his ability to crack us up every time he wheels his way into the Friday Night Lights picture, we love Herc. And because we love him, we know the best way to honor him is with a list of his best Friday Night Lights quotes.

  • I knew you had some fight in you.” –After ramming his wheelchair into his new roommate’s chair and screaming at him until finally Jason throws a glass of water  …
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