On Friday Night Lights

Why We Love . . . Becky Sproles

By Jen Chaney

When we first met Becky Sproles, all we could say about her was, “Oh, she’s . . . cute.” A seemingly vapid, stereotypical teenager with a fixation on winning beauty pageants, Becky initially came across as a Little Miss Sunshine. She also was the sort of girl who was manipulative enough to call Riggins’ Rigs just to make Tim Riggins give her a ride. (In his tow truck, people. His tow truck.)

But over time, as we got to know her, we grew to love Becky Sproles. We adored the soft vulnerability in her eyes every time she looked longingly at the effortless hotness that is Tim Riggins. We appreciated that she maintained a strong relationship with her mother, even though the woman was constantly blowing her off. And we just flat-out admired the way she handled her unplanned pregnancy: how she immediately grasped the gravity of her situation, carefully weighed her options, and smartly sought counsel from the Oracle, otherwise known as Tami Taylor.

But most of all, we loved her relationship with Luke, which overcame its baggage then went on to exceed the Friday Night Lights season-five quota for cuteness. We also love Becky for these reasons:

  • Becky could fill any potentially awkward silence with inane chatter. In fact, her ability to chatter incessantly about banal subjects–how her dog went missing, how her hair does a weird flip thing–was so strong one could almost call it a talent. Almost.
  • Becky could say even more inane things before a committee of beauty  …

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