On Angel

Welcome to Wolfram & Hart: The Semi-Complete Guide to Evil

By Roxanne Longstreet Conrad

TO: Champions, all dimensions
CC: Seers
RE: Wolfram & Hart Materials

The following was obtained by one of our agents at great personal risk of life and limb. (Actually, it wasn’t so much “risk” as “loss,” but them’s the breaks in the fight against evil, people.) These are the contents of a briefcase, possibly from a low-level attorney new to the firm.

Our final analysis appears at the end of the inventory.


Item 1: One (1) Wolfram & Hart Employee Orientation Manual, blood-stained but apparently complete.


Welcome to a world of opportunity at Wolfram & Hart.

Wolfram & Hart is the largest law firm in the known universe, spanning all dimensions containing sentient life (and a few that are still in question). We employ millions across space and time, offering chances for fulfillment and job satisfaction as well as personal wealth and power.


To be the driving force for evil by providing top-quality legal advice and services to demons and mortals alike who seek to dominate and destroy good in all its forms


Wolfram & Hart is committed to facilitating efforts that will enhance the death and destruction of the forces of good.

To achieve these goals, Wolfram & Hart will actively work to:

  • promote integration of evil into the daily lives of sentient beings everywhere
  • strengthen partnerships with hellbeasts and collaborate with hellgods, health care providers, governmental agencies, insurance agencies and other entities of an evil nature
  • support locally-based responsibility for the downfall of the com-munity–evil begins at  …

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