On the Uglies series

Two Princes

By Sarah Beth Durst

“How lucky is that?” Tally muttered to herself. “Sleeping Beauty with two princes. What was she supposed to do? Choose between David and Zane?”


David or Zane?

Who would you choose?

Who should Tally have chosen?

I think that one of the most awesome things about Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series is that it’s not obvious which guy is best for Tally. Okay, yeah, in the end, Tally’s best choice is the not-dead guy, but ignoring that tiny detail. . . . Both are decent guys. Both care about her, and she cares about both of them. And they like each other. It’s a true love triangle. Seriously bubbly.

But one of them must be her true Prince Charming, right? So which one? I have been giving this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided that the best way to judge them is to subject them both to the indignities of a boyfriend quiz, like the kind that Tally could have found in one of those Rusty magazines. . . .

Q: Is he a good kisser?

You might think this is a shallow question. . . .

Fine, it is a shallow question. But kissing is important in the Uglies series. And fun. But mostly important. You could even say it changes the world. It certainly changes Tally.

She kisses David first, and the kiss rocks her world. Before the kiss, she knew her future: betray the Smoke, rescue Shay, become pretty, and party-party-party. After the kiss, she tosses Dr. Cable’s pendant in the fire. With this  …

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