On the Hunger Games trilogy

Truly, My Name Is Cinna

By V. Arrow

Cinna is a deeply enigmatic character, and one of the most tragic tales in a series full of tragic tales. Unlike many of the other Capitol characters, his last name is not revealed. And the full motives behind his actions remain unclear.

Who was Cinna to the rebellion? Where did he come from? Was he driven initially by devotion to his art versus devotion to his cause? How much, precisely, does Panem owe him for its freedom?

Cinna the Outsider

Cinna presents himself differently, both in personal style and in demeanor, than the rest of the Capitol, even his own prep team. He dresses simply, all in black, and his face is unpainted save for gold eyeliner “applied with a light hand,”THG63 in stark contrast to the heavy, caked makeup of Caesar Flickerman or the full-body modifications of Octavia or Tigris. Katniss notes that Cinna’s voice even lacks the Capitol accent.

Cinna is clearly marked–or marks himself–as an outsider to Capitol culture and ideology, despite his proficiency with Capitol style. And through his interactions with Katniss, as well as his sacrifice for the cause of rebellion, it appears that his true sympathies lie with Panem’s districts. All of which raises the question: Is Cinna from the Capitol at all?

There are almost as many theories as to Cinna’s origin as there are fans of the Hunger Games. Here are some of the most popular and salient.

The Capitol

The evidence for Cinna being originally born and raised in the Capitol stems mainly from a straightforward read of  …

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