On the Twilight series

To Bite, or Not to Bite; That is the Question

By Janette Rallison

What’s your definition of a bad day? A fight with a friend? A speeding ticket? How about being attacked by a vampire and painfully turned into the undead, then realizing you must wander for eternity fighting off a craving to kill people? Yeah, that would pretty much be a bad day.

Carlisle, the leader of the Cullen clan of vampires had this bad day and (we can assume) many other bad days that followed. Stephenie Meyer doesn’t skimp when dishing out problems for her characters. Seriously, if you were Cinderella and could choose someone to be your fairy godmother, you wouldn’t want it to be Stephenie Meyer. Sure, she could come up with the ultimate Prince Charming to take you to the ball, but he might kill you afterward.

Anyway, this particular bad day of Carlisle’s, when he was attacked and transformed into a vampire, started the ball rolling for the Twilight series, but also defines it. Because Carlisle doesn’t follow suit with the rest of the vampires. He realizes he has a choice and doesn’t give into his bloodthirsty impulses.

Edward tells Bella,

When [Carlisle] knew what he had become . . . he rebelled against it. He tried to destroy himself. But that’s not easily done. . . . He jumped from great heights. . . . . He tried to drown himself in the ocean . . . but he was young to the new life, and very strong. It is amazing that he was able to resist . .  …

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