On Glee

The Twisted Love Life of Mr. Schue

What Happens When a Man-Whore Leaves His Marriage and Ignores the Consequences
By Jonna Rubin

Here’s what you need to know up front: I’m not a big fan of Will Schuester. In fact, whenever he comes on the screen, I sort of cringe inwardly and hope against hope that he’s not going to regale us with old-school hip-hop.

Sadly, I am usually disappointed, and I’ve suffered through everything
from Bel Biv Devoe to (oh, Heaven help us) Vanilla Ice from behind
a pillow on my sofa. Watching him play a romantic lead is even more cringe-worthy, as I’m also of the firm belief that he really seems like a bad kisser–all closed-mouthed, unnatural, and full of strange smooching sounds that are anything but sexy. I want to shake him and loudly inform him that he’s kissing Idina Menzel, one of the hottest
women on Broadway–no, I’m sorry, in America–and I’m sure she’d appreciate a little effort, for crying out loud, so please, get your fake libido up off of the couch.

Naturally, I can’t make any assumptions about Matthew Morrison’s
kissing abilities–for all I know, his awkward lip-locks could be
a hidden strategy in his portrayal of Mr. Schue–and I’ll try to withhold
judgment unless presented the opportunity to test the goods myself, perhaps as a guest star in an upcoming episode. You know, for the sake of research.

Distaste for the man does not impact my enjoyment of the show, however. If nothing else, it’s made it easier to simply sit back, relax, and watch his romantic escapades unfold without being clouded by  …

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