On Pride and Prejudice

The Original Chick-Lit Masterpiece

By Shanna Swendson

You’ve got a book about a smart, sassy young woman with one sane sister and an otherwise impossible family. She approves of her sister’s new boyfriend but can’t stand his arrogant best friend. The last man in the universe she’d ever want anything to do with (even if he does have friends in high places) decides she’s his ideal wife, and when she finally gets it through his thick skull that she is so very much not interested, really–and she’s not just saying that to make him even more interested–her best friend marries him because it beats being single. Our heroine bonds with the charming, handsome new guy in town over their mutual dislike of the arrogant guy, but before she manages to truly fall in love with him, he ditches her for someone better able to help him climb the social ladder. Much to her surprise, the arrogant guy confesses that he’s fallen in love with her, though he has a funny way of letting her know, making it sound more like an insult than a compliment. She puts him in his place with all the dirt she’d heard about him, only to find out she’d heard only one side of the story. He starts to look more appealing to her as she gets to know him better–and when she finds out just how rich he really is. When he comes to the rescue after her crazy family gets into yet another crisis, she realizes that it might be  …

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