On Star Wars

The Kessel Run

By Robert A. Metzger

Star Wars is not real.

But that does not make it any less a scientific marvel, or its visionary creator, George Lucas, anything less than a scientific genius to rival Newton and Einstein. You see, the simple fact of the matter is that you, too, are not real–just a simulation residing in some advanced alien civilization’s computer.

And that is the whole point of Star Wars.

While a few cutting-edge philosophers and scientists are just now realizing that you, your dog, your car, the Atlantic Ocean, Mars, the Andromeda Galaxy and anything else you care to name is in all likelihood nothing more than part of a universal spanning simulation, George Lucas realized this thirty years ago. He used his Star Wars films to clue in those few of us who were savvy enough to realize that what on the surface appeared to be a series of films overflowing with scientific inaccuracies and engineering gaffes were actually carefully crafted scientific clues intended to reveal the true nature of our very universe.

Don’t believe me?

Perhaps you think that I watched the Matrix trilogy a few too many times? Well, I’m not talking about The Matrix and its ridiculous premise that humanity has been rendered into a vast sea of D-cell batteries needed to power up computer overlords.

I’m talking about something else altogether–a simulation of everything. Philosopher Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford, has spelled out the details of this ultimate simulation in a paper that  …

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