On the House of Night series

The Elements of Life

By Bryan Lankford

Good evening! It’s good to see this many humans who are interested in vampyre culture. As it has been many years since I’ve spoken to a group this large who were not vampyres, I beg your indulgence if I misspeak somewhere along the line. Tonight we are going to be discussing rituals and the elements as they are used in vampyre worship.

Many of you have read about vampyre rituals in Zoey’s chronicles, but it may surprise you to know that our form of worship is not confined exclusively to the vampyre community. There are in fact many human groups who think and worship in a very similar fashion to vampyres. Human groups such as Wiccans, Pagans, Shamans, and witches all over the earth live and worship in a manner similar to us. They do not all worship our Goddess Nyx, nor do they use blood in ritual, but they do honor one, some, or all of the different variations of the Goddess and God in the diverse pantheons of deities throughout the history of mankind. These human groups also honor the elements of creation and worship in Circles as we do.

Ah . . . I’ve sparked an interest; you didn’t realize that some humans worshiped as vampyres do. Well, the ancient practices never truly die: they just shift, form, and evolve as they travel through the corridors of time. However, as I see your curiosity about the human practices, I’ll also share with you Wiccan traditions as we  …

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