On the Hunger Games trilogy

The Architects of the Rebellion

By V. Arrow

The Hunger Games’ Second Rebellion is like any other tumultuous political uprising in history: its origins are messy, unclear, and traceable to any number of singular sparks that could have caused the fire to spread. The question of who actually instigated the rebellion–who planted the first seeds of the plan–has been a hot topic of debate in the fandom. From Haymitch and his known contact with the victors of other sympathetic districts to Mr. Everdeen and the possibility that his death was a Capitol assassination to Madge and her knowledge of the significance that Maysilee’s pin would have held for Haymitch, several different characters have garnered staunch supporters as lead architect of the Second Rebellion.

Each of the following characters played some kind of role in the Second Rebellion; the question is how much of that role was premeditated and backed from the start by rebellious intention. Who is the man or woman most responsible for the rebellion? And were his or her actions intentional?

Haymitch Abernathy

We know Haymitch Abernathy played a significant role in the design of Katniss and Peeta’s strategy in the arena during the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games, particularly in strategizing with Peeta and Katniss individually in the ways they were most receptive to–Peeta by talking things out, Katniss through an unspoken system of reciprocity–and, we assume, through unseen actions in his role as mentor in the Capitol. When he’s sober–and perhaps even when he’s not–he has a sharp mind and a knack for advance planning; his victory in his  …

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