On Glee

The Alpha Glee Male

By Candace Havens

I’ll begin this essay with a confession: I’m a complete and total Gleek. Every week the show takes me to my happy place, and I like it there. The music, quirky characters, and storylines help me feel better about life. I also like the idea that not everything on the show is what it may seem on the surface. The biggest nerd might have the coolest tone to his voice. The young woman of size might have the best self-esteem. And the strongest man on campus–the alpha male–could be someone you would never expect.

It’s interesting to examine specific traits of the alpha male in relation to the characters on Glee, as there are many of them who have these behaviors, though not generally in the way one might expect. The show constantly challenges stereotypes and proves that it’s okay to be unusual. That makes the role of the alpha male in the musical series a little different from what we would otherwise expect. Follow me as we go in search of the alpha male on Glee. You might just be surprised by what you discover.

First we must understand what an alpha male is. In the animal kingdom, the alpha is the dominant male in a social group. He gets the best food and usually has a multitude of mates from which to choose. Most of the time he determines his status by fighting for it and showing off his physical prowess, and must constantly fight other  …

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