On Alias

Sydney and Me

By Candace Havens

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all live our lives like our favorite superspy? Imagine the adventure, the men and, best of all, the clothes. I want to be Sydney Bristow. Really. I want to look like her. I want to fight like her. I even want to live dangerously like she does and travel the world as a secret agent. I want her body and her linguistic talents. And I definitely want her cool spy call signs: Freelancer and Mountaineer.

I know there are other women in the world who want the same thing I do. Who wouldn’t? Sydney is one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she kicks ass.

But I’m a special case, because, well, I’m me. So I sat down and took a serious look at Sydney’s life, dissecting and studying exactly what it takes to be a superspy who can wear Prada heels and kick butt at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are a few problems with my plan to infiltrate and take over Sydney Bristow’s life. Not the least of which is that I would have to grow about nine inches and lose a “few” pounds.

I decided to settle on second best. I would incorporate Sydney into my own life. I would learn to be more like her and use what I learned to enhance my own little world.

Of course this transformation isn’t without its trials and tribulations.

The most immediate crisis is I don’t have the danger  …

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