On Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Sex and the Single Slayer

By Nancy Kilpatrick

The Mating Game

Buffy Buffy Buffy! Honestly, girlfriend, for a while there, those of us in cableland thought you’d never get laid! Oh, admit it: it took you forever to hit the sheets! Of course, with you being a kind of virgin huntress a la that ancient Roman deity Diana, seasons were bound to come and go before a good-enough guy flew into your sights.

Now, season one everybody felt hopeful. I mean, here’s a snapshot: you and Angel lip-locked. Kissing is normal for a teenager, and obviously being normal is the driving force in a girl hardwired to slay. But as the entire world is no doubt aware, Angel is, alas, a vampire. The undead. The unclean. You knew it, we knew it, and while vampires surely don’t fall into the truly “normal” realm–I mean, fantasies aside, did you ever really believe you two would end up in the ’burbs with 2.5 of anything?– still, there’s something about those preternatural guys who live out their dark side that make them simply irresistible. And all things said, a kiss is still a kiss, right? Who knew where this kiss could go? Well, we all did! And hope springs eternal, the perfect time frame for vamping the vamp. A nosferatu returning to a mortal state isn’t unheard of, which means anything was possible. Mutual attraction built and I think we all experienced a sense of relief that at least something erotic was happening for our modern-day Artemis, she of strong limbs, she who  …

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