On Battlestar Galactica

Report to Congress

By Bill Fawcett, Jody Lynn Nye

The following is a transcript of a report made to the Special House Committee on Alien Immigration by director Harlan MacMoliter from the Bureau of Immigration, Department of Homeland Security:

Esteemed members of congress, we appreciate having this opportunity to present to you the results of the Galactica Personnel Placement Program. To recount, as you are aware, the ship named Battlestar Galactica arrived over our world approximately sixty days ago. Accompanying it was a small fleet containing a number of humans who had to be regarded as totally undocumented aliens. Upon consultation, they all formally applied for entry into the United States as refugees. due to their inability to return to their home country, er, worlds, given the Cylon policy of genocide, refugee status could not be denied. due to the poor condition of the ships, it was necessary to disembark the almost 50,000 refugees, and resident aliens, sorry about that, status was universally granted. Generally speaking, these new immigrants were neither numerous enough or different enough from humans born on Earth to create any problems. The one exception was the placement of their highly visible administrative and executive personnel. due to the high visibility of these individuals, it was determined that their integration was vital to the smooth transition of the entire group. I am here to report on the decisions and arrangements made.

Commander Adama

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