On Alias

Psychological Profile: J.J. Abrams

By Misty K. Hook, Ph.D.


DATE: January 17, 2005
TO: Special Agent Misty K. Hook, Ph.D.
FROM: Section Chief, PsyOps
RE: Psychological profile of J. J. Abrams, creator of Alias

As you know, during our staff meeting of January 14, concerns were raised about the television show Alias. It was stated that the show provides unacceptable illumination of the inner workings of the Central Intelligence Agency and is extremely accurate about the mental status of our field agents. Attention has focused on J. J. Abrams, the creative force behind the show. It was suggested that either he is making uncannily precise guesses about our operations (particularly about the little-known existence of Black Ops sections) or that he may have a mole within the agency who is feeding him information. In order to assess the level of risk, we need for you to complete a psychological profile of subject Abrams in order to determine if he is a threat to the CIA and, if so, how best we can intervene.


DATE: January 18, 2005
To: Section Chief, PsyOps
FROM: Special Agent Misty K. Hook, Ph.D.
RE: Psychological profile of J. J. Abrams, creator of Alias

Given the covert nature of the assignment you suggest, I will be unable to speak directly with the friends, family, coworkers and employees of subject Abrams. As such, it will be exceedingly difficult to provide an accurate assessment of him. I recommend utilizing an alternate plan, perhaps the covert observation we usually employ.


DATE: January 20,  …

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