On Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Lords of Death

By J&P Voelkel

Once Percy Jackson has vanquished all the foes that Greek and Roman myths can throw at him, what’s next? Sure, his old adversaries could re-materialize and attack at any moment, but like a video game you’ve already beaten, the second time around would be so much ancient history. Yawn.

And what’s the point of spending all your summers at Camp Half-Blood if you have no new challenges to train for? There are only so many sword practices, mock battles, and games of Capture the Flag you can play before your hyperactive demigod brain starts itching for some real-life action.

So it seems like only a matter of time before Percy would be hounding the Oracle for a new prophecy and begging Chiron for a new mission to sink his celestial bronze sword into.

Something huge. Something different.

Something extraordinary.

Something even a battle-hardened demigod has never faced before.

No problem.

It’s a big world out there and every culture has its own myths and legends, all brimming with new allies to bond with and new bad guys to subdue. For example, Percy could head to Scandinavia, land of the Vikings and home of the Norse mythology that inspired Tolkien’s tales of Middle Earth. Here, the sun is pulled across the sky by horses, and the gods live not on Mount Olympus but across a rainbow bridge in a walled kingdom called Asgard. Here, too, is Valhalla, the feasting hall for fallen heroes, with a celestial goat grazing on its roof. (A new BFF for Grover perhaps?)

In Asgard,  …

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