On the Uglies series

Lies and Consequences

Propaganda in the Prettytime
By Delia Sherman

This tape consists of selections from Professor Hayde’s lectures for Lies and Consequences: Propaganda in the Prettytime (Room 46, Level 16). Weeks skipped consisted of class discussions, role-playing exercises, and field trips to the Rusty Museum. Professor Hayde had eighteen students: six ordinary pretties, eight with extreme skin and body surgery, and four naturals who opted to keep their original, unmodified appearance.

Week 1: Carrots and Sticks

Welcome to Lies and Consequences: Propaganda in the Prettytime. If you’re signed up for Professor Tich’s Aesthetics and Body Modifications, it’s two levels down in Room 46, Level 14, and you’d better move fast, because Tich takes a very pre-Rusty attitude toward lateness.

You’ve all been learning world history since you were littlies. And you’re probably here because you’re really curious about what there is to say about the Pre-Rusties and the Rusties and the Pretty-time that you haven’t heard a zillion times before. You may think you’re going to hear a bunch of new stuff that’s too scary or sensitive to tell littlies or new pretties. So I’m going to tell you straight up that it’s not going to be like that.

Mostly, it’s going to be the same old facts and figures. What we’re going to be doing is looking at what you already know in a different way.

Those of you who are leaving, be sure to ping the Scheduling Committee to arrange a new class for this period. Close the door behind you and have a bubbly semester.

Let’s get started.

You’ve all taken enough  …

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