On Angel

It's Not Easy Being Green and Nonjudgmental

By Abbie Bernstein

“This is beyond my Ken–and my Barbie–and all my action figures.” This line, applicable to so many situations, was uttered by Lorne in “Offspring” (A3-7). Lorne talks like that, a lot, and it’s one of the reasons he makes a striking impression. Coincidentally (or maybe not), the line also sums up my feelings on being asked to do this essay. Even though I write constantly, and over the past three years have churned out a fair amount of material relating to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel while working for Titan Publishing, the company that puts out the licensed magazines on both shows (and Dreamwatch Magazine as well), I haven’t done writing of this type before. Even more disconcerting, I was asked to make this “personal,” which goes counter to my non-fiction instincts–don’t put yourself as a barrier between reader and subject! I believe that the first draft of this read sort of like a crime report by Joe Friday (just the facts, Ma’am . . . Sir . . . Thing . . .). But, okay, let’s try to get personal. . . .

I have watched Buffy and Angel from Day One of both shows and enjoyed them hugely, without having any idea at the time that I’d wind up writing so much about them and their related personnel. Enjoyment and admiration turned to powerful enthusiasm for Buffy in season five, and then to evangelical passion with “Once More, With Feeling” (B67) (“I don’t care if you have never  …

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