On The Chronicles of Narnia

Introduction: Through the Wardrobe

By Herbie Brennan

Something wonderful happens when a group of experienced fiction writers come together to pay tribute to a master. But before we go into that, let me take a moment to introduce those writers to you, in the order they appear in this anthology:

Deb Caletti from San Francisco Bay, now living in the Seattle area . . . Brent Hartinger, who hails from just south of Seattle . . . Diana Peterfreund, born in Pennsylvania, but lived mostly in Florida . . . Ned Vizzini, a Manhattanite who grew up in Brooklyn . . . Sarah Beth Durst from central Massachusetts . . . Herbie Brennan (that’s me), born in Northern Ireland during World War II . . . Diane Duane, a New Yorker, now living in Ireland . . . Kelly McClymer, who started out in South Carolina and now lives in Maine . . . Lisa Papademetriou, a Texan by birth . . . Sophie Masson, born in Indonesia, brought up in France and Australia . . . Elizabeth E. Wein, born in New York City, brought up in England and Jamaica, now living in Scotland . . . Susan Juby from Canada . . . Susan Vaught from Tennessee . . . O. R. Melling, born in Ireland, raised in Canada, now back home in Ireland . . . Zu Vincent and Kiara Koenig, an American mother and daughter team.

Read their biographies at the end of each article. You could hardly find a more diverse bunch  …

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