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Introduction: In the Hunt

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When Supernatural first burst onto our screens in September 2005, no one could have imagined what an impact it would have on viewers. It was one of many similar genre shows to air that fall, and given the smaller WB network it aired on, it seemed doomed never to achieve a large audience.

And yet, despite its uphill battle, Supernatural was the only new genre show to survive when the following year’s network schedules were announced. It may not have huge ratings, but it has grown a loyal fanbase that will stop at nothing to protect it.

So what makes Supernatural so different?

What makes ordinary people like myself turn into obsessed, overly passionate fans who think nothing of rearranging vacations, work plans, and much more just to fit the show into our lives?

Some might say it’s the irresistible looks of Supernatural’s two main stars-and I will agree, Jensen and Jared are very appealing to the eye.

But there’s so much more to it than that, so much more that we can learn about within the covers of this book.

Join me for a preview of what I know you will find some fascinating insights into the CW’s best kept secret.

I think he wants us to pick up where he left off, you know, saving people, hunting things. The family business.

–Dean Winchester, “Wendigo” (1-2)

To embrace Supernatural, you first have to understand that, while Supernatural’s a show about heroism, heroism isn’t always about fighting evil and saving the damsel in distress. While we all  …

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