On Alias

Introduction: Alias Assumed

By Kevin Weisman "Marshall J. Flinkman"

Hello everyone. Kevin Weisman here, a.k.a. Marshall J. Flinkman. When I was first asked to write this introduction, I have to admit I was surprised that so many articles on our little show had been amassed. As I started to read the pieces, I was taken aback by the depth of Alias knowledge that these writers have. Which brings me to the nature of the Alias fan (or fanatic, as is often the case . . .). You all are a learned, supportive, caring bunch. I marvel at how often I am stopped in the street for everything from a simple hug to technical support questions to new and often twisted theories on Rambaldi and The Prophecy. The Alias fan(atic) often knows more about the show than I do (and definitely more than Victor Garber does; trust me, he would be first to admit that). So, before I go any further, I want to thank you–the Alias fan–for sending the constant love our way, for caring about the characters like you do and for keeping us on the air with your fervent devotion!

Alias has been an amazing ride. We just wrapped our fourth year of the show and will be back for a fifth. As an actor, it’s truly a unique experience to play one character for this long (eighty-eight episodes). Now, I’ve worked on other series, made films and done plays for months at a time, but I’ve never had the luxury of inhabiting the same character for  …

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