On The Vampire Diaries

Introduction: A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls

By Red and Vee

If you’re reading this book, chances are you’ve seen more than a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries, and chances are you’ve used the tried-and-true “vampire love triangle” one-liner when attempting to woo your hold-out friends to the pleasures of Thursday nights on the CW. Maybe you added a comment about Ian Somerhalder’s wicked smirk, Paul Wesley’s abs, or the sex–yes, the sex–as the cherry on top.

But does that really describe the show you’re watching every week? While editing A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls, we attempted an experiment: We asked our Twitter followers to sum up Vampire Diaries as thoroughly as they could . . . in 140 characters. For every response that contained the word “shirtless,” there was another making a valiant attempt at condensing the show into a bite-sized hook. Sure, the love triangle between Elena Gilbert and Stefan and Damon Salvatore was the focal point (as one person quite memorably put it, “a love triangle told with eyebrows”), but just as many brought up the town of Mystic Falls itself.

TVD is about a town with a supernatural history. It’s centered around a woman who’s brought chaos to the town, past and present. @GroundedSouls

In a small town, descendants of the founding families are plagued by secrets & mysteries, suffering the sins of their fathers. @thetelevixen

In the months leading up to the show’s premiere, executive producer Kevin Williamson repeatedly stressed that The Vampire Diaries was also  …

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