On The Vampire Diaries

In Which Our Intrepid Heroines Discuss the Merits of the Bad Boy Versus the Reformed Bad Boy

with the Help of a Couple of Dead Women Who Know About Such Things.
By Alyxandra Harvey

Night trembled on bat wings over the treetops.

“Well, that’s just awful.” Lizzie scratched it out so ferociously the paper pockmarked. The candle next to her elbow rattled. “It’s about vampires, of course it’s got bats and night.”

She was still sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table and scowling at the offending description when Cat burst into Lizzie’s parents’ sunroom. “I know! I know! I’m late,” she said, sounding out of breath, as always. “I got this text from Edw–oooh, hey, is that Vampire Diaries?” She plopped onto a chair facing the television, entranced. “Damon totally takes his shirt off in this episode.”

“You’re late,” Lizzie said.

“Shh. Damon.”

“Please, Stefan’s cuter.”

Cat looked away for barely a second, one eyebrow raised in patent disbelief. “Is not.”

Lizzie pointed to the screen. “Look at that half smile. Those eyes. You can just tell he’s deep. And he’d totally remember your birthday.” She sighed a little, then shook her head. “Okay, we have to focus.”

Cat snorted. “Dude. Shirtless. I’m focused.”

Lizzie grinned. “Not on cute guys, on our homework. Due in exactly nine hours, remember?”

She waved her hand. “Cute guys always win out.”

“Don’t make me turn it off.” Lizzie reached for the remote.

Cat froze. “Put that down. When did you get so mean?”

Lizzie compromised and hit the mute button. “Okay, so the assignment is to connect a contemporary story to some- thing we’ve read in class this year.”

“Yeah, but connect how?”

“Parallels, themes, the usual.” She  …

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