On Supernatural

Ghouls in Cyberspace

Supernatural Sources in the Modern, Demon-Blogging World
By London E. Brickley

Open on Supernatural season three: Dean’s made a deal with the Devil, he has a year to live, and his time is decaying fast. Sam sits in the Impala, finger-scanning over the text that he hopes might hold the answer to saving his elder brother’s Hell-bound soul. His eyes squint, the camera pans up, and we see that “The Book” that might just hold the answers to reclaiming Dean’s life from the demon he contracted it out to is … a copy of Dr. Faustus? (Wait–didn’t we have to read that in high school?) Sure, the book wrapped in worn leather and ink-block prints of the devil looks like it could resurrect the dead, but then again, while the text may not be the week’s bestseller, it’s still rather accessible for a book that could hold the key to finding Dean a get-out-of-Hell-free card. And really, when faced with such a dire predicament, seeking a soul-saving loophole from something available in SparkNotes seems up there with Your Pathway to Hell Gone Wrong and The Idiot’s Guide To Selling Your Soul as a rather dubious choice. It’s a fairly recent text as far as demonic manuscripts go, and aside from suspiciously resembling a filched library book, there is nothing to suggest that the particular copy Sam has clutched in his fist is any different from the rest.

Yet Sam is a Winchester, and by this point we have learned to believe that if  …

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