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Tips for Creating Your Own Vocal Performance Group

By Jamie Chambers
“We’re all here for the same reason:
because we wanna be good at something.”

–Finn Hudson, “Pilot”

Will Schuester is a well-liked Spanish teacher who fondly remembers his younger days as a star performer in the William McKinley High School glee club. He jumped at the opportunity to launch New Directions, so that he could share his passion and offer the same chance to a new generation.

If you find yourself inspired by Glee and would like to be part of a performance group of your own, we can help you get started. Perhaps you have fond memories of show choir in high school or college, performed in musicals as part of a drama program or community
theater, or once enjoyed singing in a church choir or other musical organization. Maybe you have a great voice and some musical
ability but never had the nerve to sing anything other than margarita-
fueled karaoke at a local bar. Or it could be that you may not possess a lick of talent on your own, but have a passion for ensemble music and a knack for organizing and motivating others. Whatever the case, with work and some good people involved, you can be a part of something truly special.

First you’ll need to decide whether you want to find an existing group or create something from scratch. If you want to create your own group, you’ll need to decide just how it  …

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