On the House of Night series

Freedom of Choice

Kalona, A-ya, and the Raven Mockers
By Jeri Smith-Ready

It’s not easy being the Chosen One. Just ask Buffy Summers. Ask Harry
Potter. And ask Zoey Redbird, the latest in this list of “lucky” candidates picked
by fate to save the world from darkness–and oh yeah, find romance, keep their
friends, and maybe not flunk every class. In their spare time, of course.

You’d think the act of getting chosen would be the biggest hurdle of all.
Once you know you’re The One, every choice should be easy. Simply “do the
right thing,” and the rest will follow. After all, you were chosen for a reason,
so you must be destined to succeed, right?

Alas, destiny isn’t a straight, well-paved road. Sometimes it’s not even a
rocky, overgrown bike path. All the signs point in different directions, and
half of them aren’t even in English (they might be in another language–or
worse, poetry).

The adults or divine beings–you know, the ones who have let things get so
messed up in the first place–hand you a huge assignment: go forth, fight evil,
here are some superpowers. Good luck!

Ah, hell, as Zoey would say. Now what?

Good question. How can a mere fledgling make the right choices when
even immortals can’t get it right?

Look at Kalona–he was Nyx’s pledged Warrior, a bond that demands and
rewards the utmost loyalty and devotion. Yet he squandered his Goddess’
loving trust. After his banishment, rather than trying to get back into Nyx’s
good graces, he spent centuries piling up one offense after  …

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