On Star Wars

Driving GFFA 1

Or How Star Wars Loosened My Corsets

By Karen Traviss

Somebody dumped a Ferrari in my drive last year. They were kind enough to leave the keys in it. Now, there are a few things you can do with an unexpected Ferrari. You can leave it standing in the drive and polish it, or you can use it to do the school run, or you can jump in, slam your foot to the floor and see how fast that sucker can fly.

On February 26, 2004, Del Rey and Lucasfilm left a Ferrari in my drive. So I decided to burn rubber.

It’s been the most productive ride of my life. I describe it unashamedly as the best thing that ever happened to me, and that’s not just because it was good for business in a pragmatic marketing and money kind of way, but because it also liberated me as a writer. It was superficial lust at first sight financially but then the relationship blossomed into true love, and nearly two years later I can look back and see that Star Wars changed my life in ways far more complex and far-reaching than just putting food on my table.

The call came out of the blue. “Would you like to write a book for us?” asked Shelly Shapiro at Del Rey. “It’s tied in to a video game called Republic Commando.”

I knew nothing about Star Wars and even less about media tie-ins–and completely zero about gaming. This was my first year as a novelist: my debut novel, City of Pearl, wasn’t even on  …

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