On The Vampire Diaries

Case Notes: Salvatore, Stefan and Salvatore, Damon

By Heidi R. Kling

Note: Since the subjects are fictional characters, rather than sit down
with them separately or together, the therapist viewed twenty-two
hours of tape footage (one “season”) depicting their interactions with
one another and with others.


Stefan Salvatore



Stefan Salvatore is male, Caucasian, appearing to be about
seventeen years old (younger than his stated age of 162).
Stefan stands approximately 5’10”. With a coif of stiff “James
Dean” hair, a black leather jacket, and expensive designer
pants, he resembles a rebellious–albeit wealthy and wellgroomed–
teenager from the 1950s. Other than an ornate
ring he wears no jewelry. His build is athletic, with an
emphasis on weightlifting; the thin black T-shirt he wears
reveals clearly defined pectorals. Though Stefan is officially
undead, he appears healthy.

Mood, Affect, and Interpersonal Characteristics

It is sometimes difficult to even remember Stefan is a vampire.
He presents initially as the vampire version of the prototypical
“nice guy”: the soft-spoken, quarterback boyfriend
you can take home to Mom and Dad. His manners and eye
contact are excellent, and he has high social intelligence,
including an aptitude for discerning what others want from
him. He works hard to please those he deems worthy,
including girlfriend Elena Gilbert and the other human
inhabitants of Mystic Falls. Stefan’s classic expression is the
furrowed  …

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