On House

Be Like House!

By Robert T. Jeschonek

Which television character makes the best role model?

From Bonanza’s Ben Cartwright and Star Trek’s Captain Kirk to 24’s Jack Bauer and CSI’s Gil Grissom, we have plenty of heroic characters from which to choose–paragons of strength and decency . . . courage and honor . . . altruism and self-sacrifice.

But I’ll take Dr. Gregory House over every one of them.

I think there’s a lot we can learn from House. In fact, I think we should all try to be like House.

Great intro, Snorebringer. Was that the best you could do?

Excuse me?

Who’s there?

Your old buddy, O. J. Simpson.

What? Really?

Nah. I’m your inner House. I thought this would be a good time for us to do our nails and talk about boys.

You mean you’re part of me?

Hence the term, “inner.” I’m the part of you that’s already gone over to the dark side of the House force.

But don’t let me throw you off your game. Not that you have any game.

Keep writing, and I’ll throw roses when you get it right.

Um . . . okay then. I guess.
Where was I?

Those Family Circus kids were blaming the murders on “Not Me,” “Nobody,” and “Ida Know”?

Forget it. Let me see if I can get this rolling again. . . .

In my opinion, House makes a hell of a role model. When you get down to it, he’s an admirable figure with a lot more to teach us than the difference between amyloidosis and angioedema.

Let’s take a  …

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