On Star Wars

Barbarian Confessions

By Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Since this book is titled Star Wars on Trial, and I am testifying for the Defense, let me proceed as if I were sitting in the witness chair. No, you don’t have to swear me in. I’ll raise my right hand if someone wishes, but let me simply say that when it comes to the future of science fiction–one of my passions–I feel as if I’m always under oath.

First, my credentials. I am a Hugo Award-winning science fiction writer who has, joyfully and without remorse, written nearly thirty tie-in novels. Since someone writing for the Prosecution will probably mention the words “art” and “literature,” let me add that for more than a decade, I edited the two most literary publications in the SF field–Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, for which I and my authors were nominated for dozens of awards. We even won a few. I have received awards in a number of genres, not just SF. Of my mystery series, written under the name Kris Nelscott, Salon.com said, “Somebody needs to say that Kris Nelscott is engaged in an ongoing fictional study of a thorny era in American political and racial history. If that’s not enough to get ‘serious’ critics and readers to pay attention to her, it’s their loss.”

“Serious” critics and readers have paid attention: I have received several literary awards–given by people who only think of writing as “literature” and “art”–and I have become a darling of book clubs. Meanwhile,  …

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