On Angel

Angel by the Numbers

By Dan Kerns

In May of 1999, I stood 6 feet, one inch tall and weighed almost 195 pounds, a good 20 pounds over my “fighting weight.” Back then I had sandy brown hair and blue eyes, my eyesight was 20/20 and my home phone number was xxx-xxx-8881. It was that phone that rang with an offer to work on an upcoming television series called Angel. (I had a cell phone but it rarely rang. Mostly because I rarely turned it on.) The show was a spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a TV show I’d never seen and knew little about. Since the main character on Angel was in fact not a foxy actress but a man, and not only a man but a vampire (vampires mean lots of all-night shooting), it was with some trepidation that I accepted the position of Assistant Chief Lighting Technician (“Best Boy”). Since then, some pertinent numbers have accumulated.

I have worked on all 110 episodes of Angel. That’s 8 shooting days per episode for 22 episodes and 176 shooting days per season for 5 seasons, for a total of 880 shooting days. Add to that 80 prep days and 55 wrap days. Subtract 6 missed days, one due to illness and 5 just because I wanted a long weekend in Vegas or wine country, and that gives Angel and me 1,010 days together at an average of 13.5 paid hours per day. An average of 15.5 hours elapse from the time I drag myself out of  …

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