A New Dawn

A New Dawn

Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series: Completely Unauthorized

Edited by Ellen Hopkins

Essays by Robin Brande, Rachel Caine, Cassandra Clare, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Linda Gerber, Cara Lockwood, Megan McCafferty, K.A. Nuzum, James A. Owen, Janette Rallison, Ellen Steiber, Anne Ursu, Susan Vaught

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Use the Bestselling Twilight Series to Teach Shakespeare's Tragedies, Wuthering Heights, and More

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series—featuring star—crossed lovers Bella, a normal girl, and Edward, a vampire—is a bestseller for a reason. The story is engaging, the characters are captivating…and the pages are full of allusions and homage to Shakespeare, Bronte, and other beloved literary classics.

From its subversion of the old metaphors that made vampire myths so powerful to its modern stance on controlling your own destiny, to the creative way it uses Native American wolf myths, the Twilight series is ripe for classroom discussion. A New Dawn is your students' guide to seeing their favorite books in a whole new light.

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