Your Favorite Authors on Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Series

Lexile Measure: 1040L

Edited by Scott Westerfeld

Essays by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Ted Chiang, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Sarah Beth Durst, Linda Gerber, J. Fitzgerald McCurdy, Diana Peterfreund, Janette Rallison, Delia Sherman, Will Shetterly, Gail Sidonie Sobat, Robin Wasserman, and Lili Wilkinson

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Talk about cultural issues through the lens of the smart cult-favorite Uglies series

Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series is a thrilling combination of catchy slang, breath-taking adventure, and issues of true cultural relevance. In the future world in which Westerfeld’s main character Tally lives, everyone undergoes surgery at 16 to become “pretty.” Through controlling human difference, Tally’s society gains peace and harmony-- but the price is surgical brain damage, loss of free will, and alienation from nature.

Mind-Rain is the perfect jumping off point for studying the Uglies series. Its essays address many of the books’ biggest themes-- the dangers of complacency, the value of conformity versus rebellion, the definition of “natural,” our society’s obsession with beauty-- in addition to providing surprising, challenging insights sure to sure to spark student debate.

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