Flirtin' with the Monster

Flirtin' with the Monster

Your Favorite Authors on Ellen Hopkins' Crank and Glass

Edited by Ellen Hopkins

Essays by Mary Bryan, Niki Burnham, Cinda Williams Chima, Terri Clark, Kelly Foutz, Gail Giles, Megan Kelley Hall, John Hopkins, Orion Hopkins, Susan Hart Lindquist, Micol Ostow, John Tatro, and “Kristina”

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Address controversy head-on with Ellen Hopkins’ provocative teen novels-in-verse

Ellen Hopkins’ book Crank and its sequel Glass, both loosely based on her teenage daughter’s struggle with meth addiction (“the Monster”)and written in verse, have touched hundreds of thousands of readers deeply. But beyond their gripping stories, Crank and Glass are masterful pieces of writing that bring up fascinating questions about the line between truth and fiction.

Flirtin’ with the Monster is your partner as you explore that line with your students. Essays provide a framework for discussions on the differences between non-fiction, memoir, and “reality-based fiction,” as well as many of the books’ themes, while pieces by the main character’s real-life counterpart, step-father, sister, and son give four different versions of the books’ story for comparison and discussion.

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