Dollhouse Gift Guide (and Giveaway!)

By December 6th, 2010

Dollhouse: gone but (we hope!) not forgotten. And for those still mourning, we have a few gifts this holiday season to ease their suffering.

First up, a few catchphrase-inspired t-shirts.

The first–in standard and “girly” (pictured)–would pair particularly well with a pair of pajama pants. The Medicinal Carrot Enthusiast shirt just made me giggle. And Three Flowers in a Vase, well, there’s no better nod to your favorite Dollhouse fan’s unexpected capacity for deadliness.

Even dolls deserve a little flair: plus, these buttons will help even the least self-aware Doll remember his or her line. This journal could come in handy for recording flashes of one’s previous self.

And there’s always music from the Dollhouse theme song’s singer/songwriter, Jonatha Brooke. (Also available, of course, on iTunes–that link takes you straight to the Dollhouse theme.)

Finally, we humbly offer our own Dollhouse tribute: Inside Joss’ Dollhouse, edited by Jane Espenson.

In the spirit of the holidays (it’s the third night of Hannukah tonight, after all!), we’re also giving you a chance to win your own copy, or one to give to a friend. Just leave a comment on this post between now and Monday night at midnight EST, and we’ll announce the winner on Tuesday!

Don’t forget to check out the other guides (and giveaways!) we’ve posted this week, including gifts for fans of Harry Potter, Narnia, Glee, and Dexter.

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No Comments On "Dollhouse Gift Guide (and Giveaway!)"

  1. Teresa

    I’m definitely curious to read this book and take another look at the mind-bending story from someone else’s POV.


  2. Katie

    I’ve been looking forward to picking up a copy of this one!


  3. Annmarie W.

    My husband was/is a huge fan, and would LOVE this!


  4. Kathryn .

    I loved Eliza Dushku in this show! My husband and I watched it every week!


  5. Elissa

    Did I fall asleep? For a little while.

    That line gets me every time.


  6. Stephanie

    I’ve watched from the very (slightly painful) beginning. I’m looking forward to the book!


  7. Rebecca Petitt

    Oh this book look’s good. Would love to read it. Thanks bunches!


  8. Jessi B.

    I think I waited longer for this show to come out – from the first whispers of a new Whedon show through the first episode – than I the time that I actually got to watch and enjoy before Fox broke my heart. Again.


  9. ACJ Leveille

    The t-shirts and such are darling, but the book would be my favorite as a gift!


  10. Chelsee

    Ooh, stoked about this book. I might just have to get me some of those pins too!


  11. Sarah

    I loved this show! Joss is an absolute genius.


  12. Chuck

    Definitely have been looking forward to this book.


  13. DebStanish

    I would read anything that Jane Espenson touches. She completes me. ;-). Awesome book.


  14. EllieMurasaki

    Ooh, shiny.


  15. Theora

    Those shirts are great.


  16. Emily H.

    I love this show!


  17. orangehands

    The Medicinal Carrot Enthusiast shirt made me laugh.


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