Dollhouse Essay Contest Tip #3: Be Passionate

By February 4th, 2010 1 Comment

This is your final Dollhouse essay contest tip, since essays are due February 15. If you’re already putting the finishing touches on your essay–or have already finished and sent yours in–great! We can’t wait to read it! But if you’re still working on finding just the right angle for all those thoughts you’ve put down on paper, or if you’ve finished your draft but feel like something’s still not quite right, maybe this last tip will help.

Maybe this goes without saying, but the place every great Smart Pop essay starts is with passion: passion not just for the show or book series, but for the idea that drives the essay.

You’re already passionate about Dollhouse, or you wouldn’t be writing an essay in the first place. But it’s possible (and happens more frequently than you’d think, even to professional writers) to be passionate about something and have that passion still not come through in writing.

The most incredible, inventive, surprising topic in the world isn’t going to make a great essay if telling other people about it doesn’t get you excited. If you love your essay idea, but the act of writing it down doesn’t give you a thrill, it could be that you’re approaching it from the wrong angle. Maybe there’s a different voice or tone that would work better for the topic or for you than the one you’re using now. Maybe there’s one part of your idea that’s more exciting to you than the rest; maybe by paring away the parts that aren’t as interesting to you, your essay would end up being even stronger.

Communicating your idea clearly is important. But communicating your passion for it just as important. Make sure to share it with us!

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1 Comment On "Dollhouse Essay Contest Tip #3: Be Passionate"

  1. Emma

    I hope you get lots of entries – I was gonna do one but the time-frame is just too short for me to manage what I was gonna write, everything changed in the last episode. Man, what a great finale!


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