Do you run a great blog or website? Tell us!

By March 26th, 2010 14 Comments

Leah and I — the Official Smart Pop Team — are avid online readers, writers and bloggers in addition to being pop-culture junkies. So, we obviously know the importance of the Internet, and we think finding a great blog or website is like hitting the mini-lottery.

One of the perks of this job is getting paid to build relationships with the best of the best on the Internet, especially sites run by smart, funny and interesting people.

So, we’re asking you to present yourselves if you have a blog or website you want us to know about. What’s more, if you’d be interested in hosting a giveaway of the Smart Pop title of your choice on that site, let us know.

You can comment or email me directly. Regardless, we just want to get to know our readers better. Here’s your chance to promote your awesomeness. We’re listening!

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14 Comments On "Do you run a great blog or website? Tell us!"

  1. groonk

    I run a little site at

    which is comics, movies, books, science, whatever is on my mind at the moment.

    A Smartpop book giveaway sounds like an excellent idea. I love the Science of Dune book I got from you a few months ago. Please let me know the details on how to participate in a giveaway.



  2. Erin Nolan

    I write weekly for a website called Lots of great opinions and information on film and TV- and you really can’t find an easier website name to remember.


  3. Dee

    That’s a great site! I enjoy reading reading people’s blogs/websites on different aspects of pop culture. I’ve yet to find a really great book review blog, so I’m looking for one of those.


  4. David Mello

    I have two Blogger sites: the JW Network, which centers on all things Joss Whedon and those who have livedin his Whedonverse. It’s where my recaps of Dollhouse are, and more. It’s at
    The other site is The Notorious IG, where I talk about everything else, from movies to where Comic-Con may wind up by 2013. It’s at


  5. Kumar

    I try to write whenever I can about the things that I love (and hate) on my blog. It’s modest and entirely unknown, but I would appreciate any and all feedback anyone has on my writing. :)

    (the link to the blog should be my name on the left of this comment, I think)


  6. Alyson

    I write about pop-culture things I personally enjoy, or things I find around the internet. It’s unknown except for a handful of people but that can’t change if I don’t promote it so what the hell.


  7. Kirsty

    I run End of Show, a TV news and reviews website


  8. Kevin Bachelder

    I’m one of the hosts of a weekly podcast called ‘Tuning In To Scifi TV’. We share news about scifi and fantasy TV shows and each week we discuss some of the good episodes from that week for several different TV series.


  9. Virginia Mae Fontana

    On my blog, SugarRushed, I assess movies, t.v., comics, and music with an eye for the smart, the sweet and the delightfully cheesy.



  10. Jenn Geoppinger

    I’m one of the co-founders of the Southern Sci-Fi Society (S3), a group focused on discussions of everything from genre books, television, movies, comics, anime, podcasts, etc. S3 likewise hosts a bi-monthly podcast called SafeHaven: A Sanctuary for Geeks of All Types. Each episode we do a spotlight on a different “geeky” topic. Thus far we have covered the likes of Doctor Who, True Blood, A Mid-Season TV recap of some of our favorite shows including Chuck, Supernatural, Fringe and Caprica.

    Southern SciFi Society:


  11. Jenn Geoppinger

    I am a co-host on a podcast called SafeHaven. Each episode is a spotlight on various genre topics like TV, movies, books, gaming, podcasts, comics, anime, etc. Thus far our shows have included discussions on Doctor Who, True Blood and a mid-season recap of some of our favorite genre shows.

    SafeHaven is presented by the Southern SciFi Society, a group of folks who gather for movies, games, and general discussions of all things genre.


  12. Ray

    I used to be a co-host of The Dollhouse Podcast and have since moved on to Milk Carton T.V., where we discuss shows no longer being produced we’d like to see more of. Since the topic is always changing, the show could be suitable for any book. We’re still ramping up at the moment, but our numbers are steadily increasing. I’m interested, let me know if you are!


  13. Frank Ramblings

    I’d definitely be interested in running giveaways on my two podcasts. The first is Echo Alert, a podcast about Joss Whedon’s TV series “Dollhouse”. It can be found at The other is a new network of comic book audio dramas called Thought Bubble Audio ( We’d love to host giveaways on each of our sites!


  14. Scott Hertzog

    Miles and I co-host a weekly podcast called the SciFi Diner Podcast where we chat with actors/actresses (such as Felicia Day, Robert Picardo, Allison Scagliotti, and many others) and authors (David Mack, Dayton Ward, and more). We also review movies and and current genre shows as well as discuss news surrounding the science fiction realm. You can find us at

    Also, we would be interested in interviewing any genre authors you have. Let us know!


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