Celebrating Supernatural’s 100th Episode

By April 15th, 2010

Supernatural is celebrating a pretty impressive milestone tonight: the show’s 100th episode. That’s a lot of ghosts, monsters, demons, and angels, and a lot of time logged in the Impala.

We’re celebrating this big day for Supernatural because, well, we’re celebrating types but also because we’re still really happy with our Supernatural anthology In the Hunt and today is the perfect opportunity to give a copy away.

From the book’s intro (which is up in its entirety on our site right now):

We Supernatural fans like our heroes to be angsty, but we do still like them to be heroes. We like them to be fighting external demons, too. We still need our fix of all things freaky to get us through the night, after all.

And in this department, Supernatural excels, giving us a weekly mix of urban folklore and ancient legends played out in various backwater locations across the U.S. Usually, these myths have been tantalizingly re-imagined for our viewing delight by such talented writers as Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver, to name but two. While some of these legends are eerily familiar to us, it’s easily apparent that a massive amount of research goes into bringing us the more unheard of stories–stories that give the audience a chance to not only sink into the macabre plots but actually have fun with folklore that otherwise would have remained sunken in obscurity.

Before you read the rest, tell us below what your favorite episode of Supernatural has been so far, and you could win a FREE! copy of In the Hunt. Comments will stay open for one week, until next Wednesday (4/21) at 11:59 p.m. We’ll choose someone at random and let you know if it’s you.

Enjoy tonight’s episode!

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  1. jennifer mathis

    My favorite episode ( mind you I’m way behind cause I have to wait til the seasons come out on DVD so I’m only on season 4) while I don’t know the exact name of the episode It’s the one where Dean gets the ghost virus and becomes scaried of everything. It’s too funny and the bonus of this episode is at the end they have a funny little music video of Dean in the Impala sing Eye of the Tiger.



  2. Rich Steeves

    Wow, that’s a tough one, but off the top of my head, I like the Ghostfacers episode from season 3. It had the perfect mix of humor (“Ghostfacers!”) and pathos, as I really felt for the intern who died in that episode. And Sam and Dean were both skewered and revered at the same time. Plus, I ran around yelling “Ghostfacers!” for weeks afterward…


  3. Sericite

    Tough call, but gotta go with Mystery Spot…aka, the Groundhog Day tribute. From the sheer pleasure of watching them attack the same scene a dozen humorous ways, to finding new & exciting ways to off a Winchester, to the appearance of the Trickster (my fav Monster of the Week), to the touching scene where Sam realizes there will be no do-over this time, to the eerie sight of Terminator Sam who becomes more like his father than he would ever imagine….Mystery Spot is the one, IMO.

    Honorable Mentions: Yellow Fever, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Bad Day At Black Rock (“I lost my shoe”), and GhostFacers. With a very special shout-out to a giant suicidal teddy bear that was simultaneously the most wrong and most hilarious thing I have seen on TV.


    • Leah

      I think I’d choose “Mystery Spot” too. The fact that in 40-odd minutes the ep manages to go so thoroughly from slapstick to sucker punch just gets me every time.


  4. Theora

    That’s really difficult. This season it has definitely been Free To Be You and Me, as I loved the journey of self-discovery that all of the boys went through in it and the fun dynamic between Dean and Cas. The other episode which really strikes me is In My Time of Dying, because it said a lot about the Winchester family dynamic and proved the somewhat disputed fact that John really did love his sons.
    P.S. Yes, I know I named two episodes, but, as I already said, it’s really difficult.


  5. Grey Bard

    I’d have to say that right now my favorite is Tall Tales – though that changes from week to wee, I admit.


  6. Zita Hildebrandt

    My favourite was Monster Movie. It was cheesy and serious all at once. And very well filmed, too.


  7. Eve

    My favourite episode of Supernatural was probably 4.16- when Dean is torturing Alastair. It’s the most distressing scene of the series, to me, and I love the tension and uncertainty.


  8. Abigail

    My favorite episode is Season 2, Episode 20: What Is and What Should Never Be. Jensen did an amazing job, and I loved seeing what things could have been like. and the Djinn looked really cool lol


  9. Bizzy

    My favorite episode of Supernatural has been going way back to season 1… Hell House.. I just loved the pranks and the Hell Hounds now Ghostfacers always provide much amusement


  10. Tali

    I love this show SO MUCH its ridiculous. I started watching it when it first aired because I love scary movies and it scared the bejeesus out of me when I’d watch at like, 1 am alone in a dark apartment with the balcony doors open. I love Yellow Fever and A Very Supernatural Christmas and Bad Day at Blackrock and really, just almost all of them. Fantastic stuff all around.


  11. sinjace

    My favorite episode hands down has to be “No Rest For The Wicked”. For a whole season we were given glimmers of hope that Dean wouldn’t die. Most of believed that somehow he would be saved as they always are in some way or another, but no! He was actually killed! O_O Not that many shows would dare kill of a titular character and this is why this episode has a special place in my SPN memories.

    Plus, Dean’s death scene is both amazing and sad.


  12. Alexis

    My favorite episode, or at least the one I rewatch the most, is Tall Tales. Not only do I love the Sam and Dean’s take on each other (as only siblings can do), but it’s some powerful juju that changed “The Lady in Red” from the romantic tune I always thought it was to a song I can’t stop giggling through. Added bonus, the show gave us the Trickster, who’s become one of my favorite recurring characters.


  13. Krista Martin

    Changing channels. The Herpexia commercial was amazingly awkwardly horrificly awesome.


  14. Haven

    Dude, you know that’s an impossible question to chuck at fans, right?

    At the moment (as in it will change five times before I hit submit) I believe its ‘The End’. A wonderful showcase of Jensen Ackles acting abilities, then there was the very fascinating aspects for the Film/TV student in me and then a glimpse of such an epic but devastating future, something we yearn for in SPN but rarely get to see (the epicness, that is).

    Plus, stoned!Cas makes me smile.


  15. Ryan Poehler

    One of my favorite episodes would have to be season two’s “Tall Tales”. The humor is so great in the episode and Jensen & Jared do a such a nice job of keeping the laughs coming.


  16. Krista Martin

    Changing Channels! Herpexia + shameless junk shots + CSI mocking = WIN!


  17. Jen

    I loved episode 100 (point of no return).

    I love Castiel. I loved seeing him getting p****d off and beating the snot out of Dean (sorry Jensen).

    Hope Cas (Misha) will be back in season 6.

    Jen (one of Misha’s Minions)


  18. Kat Anderson

    My favorite is “Lazarus Rising” the first episode of season 4. Seeing Dean’s hand reach up through his grave is chilling, it introduced us to Castiel, whom I love, and just thinking about seeing Cas’ wings for the first time gives me goose bumps. This episode changed everything for them and for me.


  19. Jessica B

    My favorite episode?…thats so difficult. what is wrong with you people…just kidding. But I would defiantly say that it would be episode 14 of Season five;My Bloody Valentine. It showed a different side of all the characters. Especially Dean. I mean we all have breakdowns but when he asked God for help, I was amazed on how much faith he had for the Man. And Castiel was a real character too. The way he reacted to the gluttony was a twist in a way. Sam also had a tragic story. I felt bad for him not only for the Demon Blood thing, but what he knows what Dean was thinking about him in that part when he exorcised all those Demons. But the whole Dean having more faith than he has ever had was just astonishing for the fangirls (guys?) of the world. So this is indeed my favorite episode.

    Other episode that I would give 5 stars to would be: The Song Remains the Same. (We finally heard from Michael and their parents before they were born and seeing them again was awesome. Then Anna came back which was awesome. She was on hiatus and then suddenly she came back that was awesome. And this kinda show off on how amazing a hunter Mary really was.)
    I also like Heaven and Hell. (Dean kinda just let loose and told Sam everything about what happened in Hell and I thought that was a big step for him since Hell was such a horrible experience for Dean.)
    But Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are great actors and they are too great for this show.
    ..and this was really long…sorry I’m just obsessed….


  20. sweetondean

    I love the season 1 episode Faith. I don’t know why. There are so many other episodes which are more powerful and more epic, but for some reason Faith just always grabs me. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time we really see that the brothers will do anything to save each other. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time we really see Dean’s bravado drop and we discover his lack of self worth. Maybe it’s because Dean is all vunerable and hoodie wearing hotness. I really don’t know. But I love it. Oh and it’s an excellent freckle alert. Just sayin’.


  21. Jen

    Had to add…… off to watch episode 100 AGAIN. 3rd time today, lol. Think I’ve watched 20 times since it aired. Think I might be obsessed or brain washed, not sure which. LOL!


  22. Rebecka

    Changing Channels is my favorite episode. I love the Trickster/ Gabriel.


  23. Caitlin Marceau

    I’m gonna say that my favorite episode is “Bad Day At Black Rock”. I thought it was ridiculously funny, and Jared Padalecki’s face when he’s going through his bout of bad luck made me laugh until I cried (especially when he mopes and says to Dean, “I lost my shoe”.) I thought it was a great way to introduce Bella into the story, and was just a phenomenal episode all around.


  24. Marissa

    I have to say, my favourite episode has to have been “Changing Channels” — that is, if I HAD to pick one, and it’s the first that comes to mind. The mixture of the comedic relief that we all needed after and before such heavy business, as well as the serious plot at the end, was quite enjoyable. And, Richard Spreight Jr. does a really good job of the trickster.


  25. InkSketch

    My favorite has to be The Real Ghostbusters.


  26. Erika

    My favorite episode of Supernatural would be The End. Dean squared. *squee*


  27. AlanahC

    my favorite episode of Supernatural has got to be Born Under A Bad Sign. Evil!Sam and an angst-ridden Dean – it was such a well acted episode, and so gripping. It had me guessing the whole time. Sam’s “My daddy shot your daddy in the he-ead” was chilling. And Dean’s “I just knew it couldn’t be him” made my heart sing. I love that eppy.

    Close second and third: What Is And What Should Never Be, and The Point Of No Return. Both were exquisite examples of why I adore this show.

    Now gimme that book! :D lol


  28. Zach

    The episode that stands out in my mind is “What is and what should never be.” We see the lives of the Winchesters with the key event removed: the death of Mary at the hands of Azazel. What we, and Dean, get in return is far removed from what we had anticipated. The Bros. Winchester have peace, but not each other.

    So much of this episode just works. The writers pulled no punches, pouring every once of creativity and loving detail into the script. We are at the end of season 2 when this episode takes place, and two years of the suffocating sense of doom surrounding his brother’s future fate have worn Dean down. In this skewed fantasy world, the players repeat one word over and over: rest.

    The writers give us a startling and insightful look into Dean Winchester. We see a young man who struggled under the mantle of responsibility, pressing down on his shoulders since his father yelled at him to take Sam and run out of their burning childhood home. We see, again, that even though in this world he no longer had Sam, he will sacrifice the most important relationship in his life because his brother is happy. We also see Dean face the uncomfortable truth that his life would be easier in the extreme without his brother in it. He gets to mow the lawn, not battle the byzantine plans of Azazel.

    But the fantasy unravels, because Dean cannot put his welfare before the welfare of others. He will give up all good things that his newly found life has in it, to save people he doesn’t even know. As the djinn’s spell unravels, his family and friends gather near him, begging and pleading with him to “rest.”

    In the end, he is denied his rest, he is denied his family, but he has his brother, and he has his quest. This episode, in my mind, cements Dean Winchester as a deeply dimensional hero in the true tragic sense. We see Jensen Ackles turning in a world-class performance, the writers delivering one of the finest scripts ever filmed, and a little show on a little network moving irrevocably from a niche genre show to consistently great television.


  29. Julie

    I’d have to say “What Is And What Should Never Be” is among my favorite episodes. I loved what a complete change his life was, and how every little detail–even the color palette of the dream world–reflected this. Great episode that packed a major punch!


  30. mitzy

    All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2… it was really sad to see what happened to Sam and what Dean had to do to help him… I really enjoyed this episode. Everything changed after that


  31. Sarah

    My favorite episode was “The Rapture” because my favorite character is Castiel and it was nice to see the back story of Jimmy, the man the angel was possessing.


  32. Sue McGarvie

    Bad day at Black Rock, that is by far my favorite Episode. It’s about a gursed rabbit’s foot. It has amazingly funny moments, like Sam loosing his shoe and pouting over it or Dean calling himself Batman. It’s a great Bela Talbot’s appearance and I love how Dean goes from thinking she’s hot to hating her guts in a matter of minutes. The way it shows good luck opossed to disastrous luck reminds me of a short story I wrote once about twins who had exactly opossite lives, therefore where one was lucky, the other one sucked terribly.
    If you don’t remember it, watch it, I swear you’ll have a nice laugh.


  33. Anastasiya

    Well… I suppose to say, that I am in love with “In My Time Of Dying”. This epi just great and a lil’ bit of everything: brotherly love, family, lots of our beloved Papa John and sacrificing for the future of his sons. A lot of good jokes, true Reaper, YED and so on are making this episode unbelievable.

    And… This is the only one episode when I cried on the script before had watched it on the screen.


  34. Simon

    My favorite episode of Supernatural would be The End. Dean squared. *squee*


  35. Tony

    Bad day at Black Rock, that is by far my favorite Episode. It’s about a gursed rabbit’s foot. It has amazingly funny moments, like Sam loosing his shoe and pouting over it or Dean calling himself Batman. It’s a great Bela Talbot’s appearance and I love how Dean goes from thinking she’s hot to hating her guts in a matter of minutes. The way it shows good luck opossed to disastrous luck reminds me of a short story I wrote once about twins who had exactly opossite lives, therefore where one was lucky, the other one sucked terribly.
    If you don’t remember it, watch it, I swear you’ll have a nice laugh.


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