Bree Despain Recaps The Vampire Diaries “Katerina”

By November 15th, 2010

The Vampire Diaries won’t air a new episode until DECEMBER. If this news upsets you as much as it upset me, you’ll be that much more relieved to re-live the latest episode through Bree Despain‘s funny bulleted highlights below.


I heard of a recent study conducted where a group of researchers compiled millions of tweets and determined that many people (at least on Twitter) appear to be saddest on Thursday nights. Obviously, these people are not watching The Vampire Diaries. How is it possible to be unhappy when partaking in this weekly treat of awesomeness? Don’t these mopes realize that romantic angst, vampires, the occasional town ball or big southern belle dresses, stellar story-telling, and Damon’s “eye thing” equal instant happy pills?

So on that note, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the things from last week’s episode that made me happiest–in no particular order:

  1. The awesome that is Nina Debrov’s acting abilities. I liked Nina as Elena in season one, but it wasn’t until the introduction of Katherine Pierce (aka Katerina Petrova) that I realized what an amazing actress Nina truly is. I can’t tell you how many times I actually forget that I’m not watching two different actresses play Elena and Katherine. And this week’s episode was especially joy-inducing since Elena and Katherine were in so many scenes together,because Elena decided to bribe Katherine with little cupfuls of blood in order to get the skinny on this Klaus dude who is supposedly coming after Elena.  Which means . . .
  2. Flashbacks! I’m a sucker for good flashbacks–especially when they involve big ole dresses.  But instead of getting the usual Southern fare, this time the flashbacks took us all the way to the 1400s. Where first we learn that Katherine was once a vulnerable human girl who shamed her family by having a baby out of wedlock. Watching her plead with her father and mother to hold her baby girl “just once” before she was ripped away, almost made me forget what a sadistic killer she usually is. We see her genuine love for her mother–but in the last second of the scene, you can just see this tiny moment when something cold switches on behind Katherine’s eyes. Through the rest of the episode we learn that Katherine was just as conniving, ruthless, and intelligent when she was a human as she is as a vamp. The way she tricked Rose and Trevor into changing her into a vampire so she would no longer be of any use to Klaus as a human doppelganger was full on brilliance.
  3. The introduction of the threat of Klaus: the biggest, baddest, oldest vampire in the history of all time . . . and he wants Elena’s blood. Love this!  But at the same time I keep wondering how the TVD writers are going to top season two. I mean, they’re already pulling out the big guns now. Makes me practically giddy wondering how they’re going come up with something even better than this in future seasons.
  4. Answers! Nothing drives me crazier than a show that poses question after question but hardly ever gives you any answers (I’m looking at you, Lost). And while this episode did pose a few more quandaries and dilemmas (Who are those warlock dudes anyway and what do they have to do with Klaus?) we also finally got some answers. Like why does Klaus want to break the curse? Because if a vampire breaks the curse, all vamps can walk in daylight but the werewolves will still be bound by the full moon–or, more importantly, if a werewolf breaks the curse, then the weres will be free of the moon’s power, but all vamps will be accursed by the power of the sun forever. So basically, Klaus wants to break the curse before anyone else does. And why did Katherine need a werewolf, spurring her to force Tyler Lockwood’s transformation? Oh, because not only is Elena (the doppelganger) needed, but they also need a werewolf, vampire, and witch in order to break the curse, which means not only is Elena in danger from the big bad vamp, but so are her friends Bonnie, Tyler, and Caroline. (Who knew Katherine had a reason other than maniacal fun for turning poor Caroline?)
  5. Bonnie + Jeremy tension = happy fun times. One of my favorite moments in the show was when Jeremy asked Bonnie if she wanted to go shoot some pool with him, and her response was, “Why?” Followed by a little bit of backtracking, giggling, stammering, and ultimately a date was made . . . only to be interrupted by . . .
  6. The arrival of a new guy.  Nothing’s better than a new guy thrown in to complicate a budding romance–especially if the new guy has a mysterious past. Later, when Luca and his dad, Jonas Martin, just happen to be at the bar where Jeremy and Bonnie have planned their little pool outing and Luca’s dad asks Bonnie if she’s related to the Salem Bennett’s my hubby turned to me and asked, “So which one do you think is Klaus?” I told him my money was on Luca–until Luca revealed that he and his dad are warlocks, sealing Bonnie’s interest in him. (Poor Jeremy.) Although my Klaus theory seems to have been foiled, I still knew there was something not quite right with this new family. Which was only confirmed by Dr. Martin being in cahoots with Elijah.
  7. Oh, and what about that scene when Elijah shattered those double panned, tempered windows with a handful of quarters? That was just plain cool. And totally ominous since Elijah is supposed to be just a “foot soldier” compared to Klaus’s power.
  8. Caroline attempting to bond with Stefan in order to keep him from stopping Elena from question Katherine. Caroline tries her hardest, but ultimately fails to stop Stefan from getting wise to Elena’s deception. Although, this scene did produce my second favorite line in the show. Caroline to Stefan: “You have a best friend?”
  9. Wasn’t too big on the Rose + Damon hookup, but we did get a nice view of Damon’s abs out of it. Shirtlessness is always a plus.
  10. And lastly, back to Nina Debrov’s acting ability. Just when Stefan almost has us convinced that Katherine’s entire story about her family being killed because she escaped Klaus’s plans (which means that Elena’s friends and family are in grave danger even if she manages to escape Klaus) is just a web of lies to trick Elena into freeing Katherine from the tomb–we learn that Katherine may be the only one safe from Klaus in her prison. And then the whole “story being true” is punctuated by a quiet scene in which Katherine discovers a drawing of her family (somehow miraculously perfectly preserved between the pages of a book for hundreds of years) and actual tears form in her eyes.

Now if all that doesn’t make you happy with anticipation for the next episode . . . well, you’re just plain nuts!


Definitely excited for the next episode, Bree, which is unfortunately not this week. Damn!

Also, you should definitely buy Bree’s essay from A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls, “Bonnie Bennett: A New Kind of Best Friend.”

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