The Unauthorized X-Men

SF and Comic Writers on Mutants, Prejudice and Adamantium
Edited by Len Wein, Co-creator of Wolverine

Science fiction and comic writers trace the X-Men series’ evolution,
challenge its metaphors, and draw from its truths about human nature
and human society in this exploratory look at the still-timely and
often-revamped classic. With such essays as “Magneto the Jew,” “The New
Mutants and the Corruption of the Teenager” and “The Sexuality of
X-Men,” the contributors highlight the strange ties between the
characters and current society. From mutant subcultures in the real
world to the reality of racism and heterosexism not so different from
that of the world of the X-Men, this book takes on the intersection
between fiction and truth in a manner perfect for long-time comic
readers, cartoon fans and Johnny-come-lately moviegoers.

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