The Science of Michael Crichton

An Unauthorized Exploration into the Real Science behind the Fictional Worlds of Michael Crichton
Edited by Kevin Grazier, PhD

Wherever the cutting edge of science goes, Michael Crichton is
there. From dinosaur cloning to global warming, nanotechnology to time
travel, animal behavior to human genetics, Crichton always takes us to
the cutting edge of science and then pushes the envelope.

The Science of Michael Crichton examines the amazing inventions of Crichton’s books and lifts up the hood, revealing the science underneath.

intelligent and well-thought essays, scholars and experts decide what
Crichton gets right and what he gets wrong. They examine which Crichton
imaginings are feasible and which are just plain impossible. Scenarios
examined include whether dinosaurs can be cloned, if nanotechnological
particles can evolve intelligence, and if we can go back in time.

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