Secrets of the Dragon Riders

Your Favorite Authors on Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Series: Completely Unauthorized
Edited by James A. Owen

Millions of readers adore Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle: its earnest hero, its breathtaking battles and, of course, its awe-inspiring dragon Saphira. But there’s so much more to the series than meets the eye–and Secrets of the Dragon Riders, edited by today’s second hottest dragon-writer James A. Owen, shows readers what they’re missing.

Why might Roran be the real hero of the Inheritance Cycle? What does Paolini’s writing have in common with role-play games and modern action films? Are teenage writers judged more harshly than their adult counterparts? The YA authors in Secrets of the Dragon Riders–some of them no older than Paolini when he wrote Eragon–each take on a different aspect of the series to engage and entertain Paolini fans.

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Secrets of the Dragon Riders Special
Posted November 9th

Congratulations to Christopher Paolini on yesterday’s release of the fourth and final Inheritance Cycle book, aptly titled Inheritance. In honor of the book’s debut, we’ve posted an essay from Secrets of the Dragon Riders for this week’s YA Wednesday essay; you can read “My Dragon, Myself” by Kelly McClymer here for the next week. We’re also running another special: for the time being, you can get Secrets of the Dragon Riders on Kindle for the crazy low...

Interview: Gail Sidonie Sobat
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Since we posted an excerpt from Chance to Dance for You and we’re giving away a copy, we thought you might like to hear more about the book straight from the author!


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Gail Sidonie Sobat . . . is a witch at heart, a pirate in her dreams, and a gypsy in practice. She has worn many disguises in her lifetime,...

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