Inside Joss' Dollhouse

From Alpha to Rossum
Edited by Jane Espenson

Though Joss Whedon’s television show Dollhouse ended in January 2010 after its second season, its small but devoted cult following is still reeling not only from its mind-blowing plot twists but also its challenging, dystopic look at the ethics of new technology.

Inside Joss’ Dollhouse is a fitting tribute to this complex, engaging show. The anthology’s 18 sometimes funny, always insightful pieces cover Dollhouse from anticipated start to explosive finish. Drawn from an international contest judged by fan favorite Whedon screenwriter Jane Espenson, its essays get right to heart of what Dollhouse viewers loved most about the show.

From programmer Topher’s amorality to the show’s philosophy of self, Inside Joss’ Dollhouse brings Dollhouse back to life with a depth sure to satisfy its many still-mourning fans.

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Dollhouse Gift Guide (and Giveaway!)
Posted December 6th | 17 Comments »

Dollhouse: gone but (we hope!) not forgotten. And for those still mourning, we have a few gifts this holiday season to ease their suffering.

First up, a few catchphrase-inspired t-shirts.

The first–in standard and “girly” (pictured)–would pair particularly well with a pair of pajama pants. The Medicinal Carrot Enthusiast shirt just made me giggle. And Three Flowers in a Vase, well, there’s no better nod to your favorite Dollhouse fan’s unexpected capacity for deadliness.

Even dolls...

Dollhouse Essay Contest Winners
Posted April 1st | 26 Comments »

First, let me say, thank you all for making this essay contest such a great experience. As I mentioned before, we received a ton of great entries, which made the choices hard in the very best way. I continue to be grateful I wasn’t the one to have to make them.

Or, in our judge Jane Espenson’s much more articulate words:

I just wanted to let you know that I found the entries in this contest to be extremely illuminating and heart-warming. I’m delighted that so many people were willing...

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